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Amazing Things

Every Thanksgiving I take time to reflect. Partially because it’s the day I was forever changed by a paralyzing car accident, but also because it’s the day our nation takes to remind us to be thankful for all that we have. Let it be noted that the history this holiday was built upon is deeply ignorant, and on top of that, the concept of Black Friday is pretty perverse… but I won’t go into those.

Instead, today I am acknowledging this as the first year that I am ok.

Before 2014, if anyone asked me if I wanted to walk again, my instant answer would have been, “yes”.
Not just a quiet “yes”, but a “yes” backed by my heart and soul. A “yes” I would sell my left kidney for. A “yes” that I would sacrifice years in therapy for if the prospect of a cure was available.

But I recently realized that now I’m not so sure.

So many amazing things have come out of being in a wheelchair.
So many amazing things have come out of not being able to walk.
Before this year, the ‘amazing things’ did not add up to be greater than the amazing freedom that being able-bodied brings.
But then this year happened-








almost died







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