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My beautiful mother has recently published her first book!! It’s a middle grade fantasy novel and it’s one of the first books ever that has a lead character in a wheelchair ( very groundbreaking for those of us who never saw a character with a disability in any pop culture growing up!).

“Paralyzed and using a wheelchair, Amelia Dean is alone in the world with the exception of her best friend, Greg. During a trip with Greg and his Grandma K, a strange accident transports them to a world full of odd creatures and a lion-man named Winston.

However, none of that is as important as the fact that in Mystic… she’s healed. But when Greg is captured by the nefarious wizard Ralient, it’s up to Amelia to save him. On her amazing journey, she learns the secret to who she really is and that her true strength was inside her the whole time, wheelchair or not. Newly walking and with the shocking knowledge of her true heritage, Amelia soon discovers that being like most kids isn’t what she really wanted… or is it?”

You can purchase it here!
or here!

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